Michel holds an advanced degree in Engineering from MIT. He moved to Texas in the 90’s where he joined a high-tech company as a design engineer. During the last 15 years, Michel has taken on the role of General Manager and Managing Director of international subsidiaries and has worked across Europe and Asia. Michel is currently CEO of a digital transformation company and has settled in Houston, TX. Putting his engineering skill set combined with his business skills, Michel focuses on his greatest passion to build beautiful things via LIME’s mission. He has built a great local team in Houston of Visual Reality Consultants, Creators and Artisans who are ready to help you re-build and beautify your home.

Michel is married, his wife Roula teaches kindergarten, they have two sons who have respectively attended Baylor College of Medicine in Houston and the Cockrell School of Engineering at UT Austin.

What Attracted Michel to Lime was not only the good match between the service Lime provides and his skills set and know how, but also because he believes that corporations must have a heart and give back to the society, they work in. Lime does just that. With its mission of Love, Integrity, Mission and Excellence, Lime expresses itself not only via the quality service they provide for their clients but also via Limelight Outreach charity focusing on the youth.